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We have a solution for
problems with corrosion
in pipes / conveyor systems!

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Scope of application:

Pipes & bends / elbows
Y-pieces / distributing guides
Throttle valves
Stop valves
Pressure pipes
Pipeline scrapers




MetaLine Series 700 coatings form a tight and adequately thick barrier against moisture penetration. Corrosion is thus prevented reliably. In addition to the existing barrier function an electro-chemically active pretreatment (MetaLine 924) may be used. This assures an anodic (self-healing) function and also slows down borderline penetration. Blow-absorbing, soft characteristics reduce impact forces and prevent cracks or chipping.

Various application technologies for internal coating of pipes as from a diameter of 75 mm (3 inch) and up to a length of 12 meters (40 feets) are available.


Product details

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