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We have a solution for
problems with erosion
on housings by means of repair compounds!

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Scope of application:

Turbine casings
Wicket gates / vanes
Control devices
Water brakes
Suction pipes
Drive shafts
Stop valves




MetaLine Series 700 coatings have much smoother surface structures in comparison with brush or trowel applied conventional epoxy / ceramic coatings. Hydro-dynamic flow conditions are positively influenced. The homogenous, elastic material structure is vibration-resistant and helps to compensate the continual variances in tension and pressure influences that occur due to cavitation.

Damage caused by foreign matter and waste introduction is greatly reduced due to the material's erosion-resistant characteristics.


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MetaLine Series XL offers synthetic and ceramic specialized materials for non-metal refurbishment of damaged cast housings. They operate in a wet environment during processing and require no historical knowledge for their intended use. Repair applications are possible in one go or in several layers.

After full cure they offer good protection against corrosive and erosive stresses.


Product details

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