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We have a solution for
problems with wear
on bulk material plants!

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Scope of application:

Telescopic loading spouts
Filling appliances
Slurry channels
Spiral conveyors
Chutes / dosing equipment
Loading pipes
Pepple mills (mineral technology)




MetaLine Series 700 coatings may be applied with different static friction values (my (0) = 0.1 up to 0.7). Uniform, non-sticksliding is supported actively. Clattering noise is deadened, particularly high resonance tones are inhibited before fully developing. Noise reduction of up to 10 db(A) is possible.

The required layer thickness varies depending on feeding velocity, particle size and throughput between 0.5 and approximately 10 mm. The elastic, ductile protective film is electrically insulating but may, however, not be used in explosion-hazard areas.


Product details

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